They say that “time is money”. It is without a doubt a universal affirmation that we all share. Time is our greatest resource, so it is important to learn how to organize it because:
1. It helps to gain in performance.
2. It motivates and encourages the development of initiatives.
3. It allows to make more precise forecasts.
4. It reduces stress and anxiety.

That’s why we want to hint at 5 guidelines that will help you manage your time better.

1. Learn to manage interruptions: Before a new task, write it down on your list and return to what you were doing.
2. Prepare a short list of tasks for “today”. Plan that list the day before and review it the next day before you start. Always leave spaces for “unforeseen” on that list and record your time: do the urgent first and prioritize tasks following the assessment that you have given them (1 most important / urgent and 4 least important / urgent).
3. Phone: If you have to make calls, concentrate them and do them all of the pull if possible. Be direct and precise, go to the point.
4. Internet / Email: Set aside a time of the day and a time to read articles / emails.
5. Productive meetings:
• Its duration must be 1 hour maximum.
• Create an agenda.
• Designate a person who plans and manages times.
• Assign tasks to perform for each member of the meeting.
• The person who manages the times must write a record during the meeting, reflecting tasks, responsibilities and times.

We hope that these guidelines will help you and if you already use them and know others, we are delighted to receive your contributions to, among all, get value for our time.