The impact of employee satisfaction on company results has been widely discussed and verified. The report “The wellbeing and importance of the culture of the workplace” of Great Places to Work, calls well-being “a key driver of commitment” and stresses that it is strongly related to the intention of the employee to stay or leave your company . In addition to decreasing the turnover rate, happier work forces tend to be more productive, friendlier, relaxed and creative, having a positive impact on the company’s performance.

So, how can we incorporate happiness to the workplace? Speaking about this topic, Mark Batey, senior professor of organizational psychology at Alliance Manchester Business School, states:  “This is the human era of the workplace, the best places to work are those where people can flourish and have the opportunity to improve instead of pretending to be another person five days a week.The perfect workplace also gives people flexibility and autonomy concerning where and how they work, based on a culture of growth and confidence. ”

In this scenario, it is also crucial to bear in mind the profile of the Millenials or Generation Y, which shows a great need to belong, connect and contribute to a greater good. The meaning of meaning in work is vital for this highly collaborative generation.

On the other hand, experts recommend changing the way we see the work environment. In this sense, Dezeen argues that offices are moving away from being a tool designed to increase the productivity of workers, to look like a place that prioritizes the welfare of people. In fact, a survey conducted by Office Genie revealed that the design of the place can reach a 33% increase in worker satisfaction.

Coworking and happiness

Not in vain coworking spaces are a phenomenon on the rise. They are not only appreciated by entrepreneurs and freelancers, but increasingly companies find in this mode of work an excellent alternative for “satellite” employees or their headquarters in other cities. Why? Far from a mere cost issue – it is certainly more economic than renting an office – the success of a coworking lies in its philosophy which favors the exchange of ideas, networking and the generation of new business.

The dynamics of coexistence and the attention given to the design of the spaces are translated into well-being and comfort, and this in turn, in a sense of belonging, initiative, motivation, collaboration, proactivity and better results.

In other words, coworking is on the rise because it includes many of the keys that add well-being to work while responding to the needs of these new times and generations of professionals.

At Nidus39 we are pleased to live these circumstances every day and we are proud to see that we are part of the trends that are reshaping the future. 🙂