Entrepreneurship might be a complex issue unless you already have a neat vision about how to start your own business. Probably, the most complicated part might be how to arrange the financing.
Should you see yourself as a future entrepreneur in Palma de Mallorca, Nidus39 could be your first choice for working and to finding financing while creating synergies through collaboration.

There are also other places and institutions that may be of great help. In a study conducted by MytripleA, a crowdlending platform for companies and entrepreneurs, you can find many sites of interest.

How can entrepreneur be financed?

All entrepreneurs have a variety of external financing options at their disposal:

– Friends & Family

– Bank financing

– Public subsidies

– Participatory loan

– Crowdfunding.

– Crowdlending

– Business Angels

– Risk capital

– Reciprocal Guarantee Societies.

Out of these optinos, let’s take a brief look at financing your project with crowdlending. In the coming years crowdlending may become the favorite option for entrepreneurs looking forward to getting their project financed through regulated platforms operating in the sector. These new companies are obtaining loans through private and institutional investors eliminating traditional banking entities from the equation. The attractiveness lies in the power of free risk studies and the lack of additional financial products to back up the loan. For example, at MytripleA, thanks to agreements with different Reciprocal Guarantee Companies, entrepreneurs can count, among other benefits, on business loans at 3.90% APR or free early repayments.

Public aids for entrepreneurs

Among the many public aids and subsidies available for entrepreneurs the most common are the following:

Subsidies to newly created companies.

Grants to campaigns for training courses.

Aids for self-employment.

Aids for young entrepreneurs.

What other places offer entrepreneurial help?

It is also necessary to evaluate another series of places that offer support to the entrepreneur, such as those indicated below:

Places of Mentoring.

Networking events.

Incubators and accelerators.

Chambers of Commerce.

Spanish Confederation of young entrepreneurs, or

Coworking spaces where to create synergies with other entrepreneurs. Through these collaborative spaces, an entrepreneur can develop projects while sharing the same space with other professionals looking forward to growing their businesses, share expenses, establish its premises as fiscal headquarters and even getting new relationships with customers and suppliers through collaboration. As an interesting fact, note that members of Nidus39 have free access to many spaces in the Spanish territory with the so called Coworking VISA.

If you are looking for an impulse to help launch your business and live in Palma de Mallorca, do not miss this opportunity to visit Nidus 39 to get a first hand impression about this unique shared work space.